Falling through the Looking Glass

{December 11, 2012}   Kickin’ the Soda Bug!

I love Diet Pepsi. I can’t help it. I can’t stand non-diet drinks. I can’t handle the sugar. People laugh and tease me, “Gabrael, that stuff is just as bad for you! It’s just a different kind a syrup!”

Yes my loves, I know it’s just a different kinda bad. That’s why I am trying to quit. But Diet Pepsi, oh you vemon of the saccrine gods! Especially with my father passing as he did, I needed something of a crutch. But now it’s time to hack it out.

So, here is what I am trying to do to kick the habit:

1) Always have a water bottle on hand.

My boyfriend does this and it’s turned into a very healthy influence. His training has him drinking his own body weight equalivant in fluid ounces a day. I am not so strict. But it is a good model. I have several large (20+ ounce) water bottles I keep in my fridge. I just rotate between what I carry.

2) Flavor your life!

I found some really delightful teas that I drink without sugar. Kroger has some really great blends in their private selections brand. I love anything with pomegranate in it from them. They have good flavoring. Celestial Seasonings is another brand that has some good blends, no addititives needed.

Even simple fruit slices or actual fruit juices like lemon juice added in small doses can improve tastes and prevent boredom.

3) Is it a habit or a taste issue?

I like the taste of Diet Pepsi, but in some ways, it’s also a habit for me. So I can replace it with something different. If it’s a taste thing then that just narrows how you need to replace your exchanges.

4) Keep track of your victories!

Mark on your phone, drop marbles in a jar, keep track of how many glasses you drink or how many times you empty your water bottle. Give yourself a reward, so long as the reward is not the actually thing you’re trying to resist.

I am dropping coins in my kid’s piggy bank.

5) Admit your humanity.

I falter and buy a 20 oz. Every once and again. I don’t feel bad about it per se, I keep the bottles and will use them in other DIY projects. If anything, keeping the bottles also is my own little accountability measure to which I am evaluating if I need to try something different or not.

And that is how I am trying to ditch the Diet Pepsi. If you have any suggestions on where I can improve or other steps to try, feel free to leave your comments below! I’ll greatly appreciate it! Good luck!


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