Falling through the Looking Glass

{November 25, 2012}   Saving Money: Bedroom Style!

The two most complicated rooms in this series is out of the way: the kitchen and the bathroom. Now we get to the more fun and individualized part of the house, your bedrooms! This is the room that is supposed to be your haven and your zone, so this is the one place where personality and customization should mean the most!

Make a priority list!

Collect pictures and ideas and make a list over what you’d like to have in your room or for your room. Then order them in priority. Energy savings or ways to increase comfort go first. I know you may really want to replace that horrible wallpaper, but getting a more sturdy bed frame that isn’t going to separate as you change positions is more important. Sometimes just making more room in the space by exchanging unfeasible furniture is more important than updating the flooring. Do not base this list on pricing. Needs are worth saving for properly and responsibly.

Look for Solutions in the Nontraditional

My son needed a dresser. So I was looking around at thrift stores and what not for something affordable and I happened across a section of upright standing lockers. It was one large door with several small units across the top and side. It was in disgusting condition. The whole unit was six foot tall and almost four feet wide. She only wanted $20 for it! So I talked her down to $12 and dumped it in the back of my buddies truck. It was pretty dirty, but after a good scrubbing and fresh paint, white on the interior of the shelves and my son picked out the blue for the outside. Total Cost was $25 for a custom unit that has more than ample storage and also doubles as a magnetic board to hang pictures.

Other reuses I’ve done:

Fabric shower curtain as Window treatment

Wire Newspaper stand as shelving

Top Tier (1 shelf with 4 posts) of an adjustable plastic shelf as closet storage

Practical Decoration is Imperative

If it breaks the flow of your room, doesn’t suit your needs, or is more expensive than what you’re willing to pay, it’s not good for you. Decorations should always make your job easier or not effect your task at all. That also means you need to consider the cleaning cost of such decorations. If it will take extra time to dust or polish, then you need to be willing to attend to that.  I prefer a minimal look. I don’t like decorations for the sake of decorations. But that doesn’t mean decorations can’t be practical.

Beautiful and functional things I’ve accomplished:

Stretch mesh fabric or screening in a picture frame and hang your earrings on it.

Hand paint or spray paint boring shelves a new color. There is a paint that will adhere to any surface, metal or wood or plastic!

Use tablecloths or other folds of pretty fabric hung from lines attached to the ceiling as room dividers or makeshift dressing areas. This is really good when sharing a room.

Bed raisers are cheap and easy in making more room under the bed.

Improvements can add value!

Besides the traditional energy improvements such as ceiling fans, insulated windows, and energy sockets, decorative improvements can really pump up the value of such a selling point in a house! Most additions can be formulated really cheap if you’re willing to look at salvage yards and even craigslist.

Crown Molding

Fan Medallions

Cedar-lined closets

Hardwood flooring

Send me your challenges!

Send me a picture of your dream piece of furniture, fixture, or bedroom accessory and I am willing to bet I can help navigate a DIY Knock-off for you. I have experience building houses and furniture as well as one of my degrees being in art. So I am more than willing to help figure out a way to make your functional needs come true in as much quality with as little a price tag as possible! *smiles*

So here’s to you and helping you create the haven that you need!

Shared with Six Sisters’ Stuff, Elizabeth and Co., In the Old Road, Frugally Sustainable


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