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{November 18, 2012}   Saving Money: Bathroom Style!

Second in the saving money room by room, we tackle the bathroom. (Check your kitchen in here.) Whether you are a guy or a girl there is always something you can do to make it easier on yourself and your wallet.

Cut your utilities!

  • If you don’t have a water saving toilet tank, then add a brick or a gallon/half gallon jug filled with water and a touch of bleach to your tank on the side. It’ll take up space and cut down how much water you use in each flush.
  • Cover your pipes, those behind the toilet and the water heater, with insulated foam. It’ll help keep your heat in and save some money for cheap.
  • Change out your lights if you can for more energy efficient units. And if you can’t change your light units, change out your bulbs. If you have a vanity light with multiple bulb spots, only fill a select amount. Heaters and vents are nice but are great energy pulls. Use sparingly if not at all.
  • Take shorter showers and adjust the shower head to disperse water smoothly. You can gradually train yourself to enjoy slightly cooler showers at gentler pressures if you make adjustments gradually. Just take it down a bit next shower. Even if you can’t handle different temperatures, at least take down the pressure some. That will save some money away from the drain and back into your wallet.

Furniture and storage!

  • Even at Walmart, an over the toilet shelve is at least $20 and it’s flimsy as all get out. Look at your favorite thrift stores or surplus outlets and look for a bookshelf that is wide enough and either has a back that can come off or doesn’t have one. All you have to do is remove the lower shelves and it’ll fit above it with more stability or a cheaper price in general. Crates stacked on top of each other on a side bar table can work too.
  • Look for nontraditional storage to fill the niches you need.CD towers with little cardboard inserts at strategic locations become a great cabinet in a tight space. Dressers, china cabinets, and bedside tables can be hacked and slashed to fit in some areas. If needed, look at a beauty supply store for special carts make to be only inches across but feet deep.
  • Don’t be afraid to hang something over the door for extra storage, regardless if it’s the bathroom door or possibly the shower door.

Accessories and Supplies

  • Do you really need five different hairsprays? Are you actually going to use all those hotel samples? I understand when it comes to bath and body there are many different factors to take in with personal hygiene. But there is also nothing wrong with throwing out or not using what doesn’t work. If you’re hording those sample size packs and you’re not going to use them, give them to a shelter. Try to pick products that are as versatile and multifaceted as possible. From bathroom cleaners to skincare, try and bundle your packages into more efficient products.
  • I don’t use sponges or paper towels on my bathroom. I use one multipurpose homemade cleaner on everything I have in there, including my floors. I use set aside washcloths on the floor and fixtures. I use old socks on the mirror. I just throw everything in the washer after I’m done and I can have a clean bathroom without the horrible chemical smells that seriously bother me. Clean your bathroom on a set schedule as much as possible and it’ll help in saving time and money in taking care of your things.
  • Bathmats are awesome, but only if they are actually rubberized on the bottom to help keep the water together and off of your floor. I know it may seem cheaper to just throw a towel down, but all it does it keep the water setting. This can lead to mold, rot if it’s against a baseboard or cabinet, and other problems. I found my bathmat not in the bathroom section, but the outdoor section for just $4. They are cheap, comfortable, hold up better, and can be washed easy while containing the water. Think outside the box to suit your needs!
  • I pour my mouthwashes in glass bottles. Not only does it look better, but it’s easier to open for my kid to use and even for myself when I’m only halfway awake in the morning. Don’t make changes for looks if it’s going to make your tasks harder. Decorative changes should either have no effect or improve your accessibility.

What are some of your favorite tips for keeping your bathroom from being a hassle?

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Headant says:

Where do you find good glass bottles?
These are such great tips!

Thank you so much!

I get my bottles from different areas. I like the Pure brand Juices so I always rewash the bottles from when I use them. They’re a little expensive ($2 a drink) so I only have two of those. I don’t drink, but I have friends who do and they let me have first pick of their bottles before recycling them. I used to get bottles from the local liquor store until they changed their policies. All I did was just ask. When it comes to stores, I’ve noticed antique stores are better at having bottles with lids when it comes to the thrift stores and more economical outlets in my area.

Other places you may try for free is cafes or restaurants that have a bar, soda fountains, coffee shops, florists, and just recycling what you may buy in the store. Arizona teas, Pure Juice, and Starbucks are the better brands you can buy at your local big box store who’s glass containers are easy to throw in the dishwasher and reuse that I’ve found.

But feel free to ask your friends. My family knows my knacks that now I get more goodies from their recycling and hand me downs then I did when asking stores. 🙂

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