Falling through the Looking Glass

{November 18, 2012}   Be Practical Before Frugal

I understand that there is a big move for being green, recycling, and reusing. This is a movement I applaud and I try to encourage as much as possible. However, as with any good thing, too much or not applied correctly is sometimes more problematic than doing something the traditional way. But there are ways to work around that. The key elements needed to make a go green plan good for you and good for the environment.


How much time do you have to devote to more frugal life changes. Making things from scratch takes more time. Using homemade cleaners takes more time to scrub or soak in some instances. Even taking the time to line dry clothes takes more time then the extra moments for the dryer. Some frugal activities take more time than others. I do not wash my dishes by hand, but I do line dry my clothes. It is what I have to balance with my schedule and with my capabilities. I am willing to compromise the dishes for the sake that I am willing to recycle, hand-stitch  and make homemade foods and cleaning supplies. I just don’t have time to hand-wash clothes, dishes, make soap, or some other situations.

If you don’t have the time to do some activities, lay out your most profitable frugal movements you can do. Let’s say you may not have time to make bread from scratch. Understandable. Maybe you have time to let things set like most homemade cleaners or use a crock pot for things. Do what is best for your schedule.


Do you have land for a garden? Do you have the space for a stocked pantry? Can you invest in a bigger freezer? Do you have the start up capital to invest in the materials needed for soap making or buying in bulk?

You have to consider what you do have. I have a sewing machine. I know how to sew. Therefore I can probably do most frugal sewing projects. I also live in a one bedroom apartment without a patio and am not allowed to have things in my window, so my gardening options are very limited.

Since I can’t buy in bulk, that doesn’t mean that I can’t be more careful with my grocery list and do what I can with what resources I have. Just because you can’t go as all out as you wish you can, doesn’t distract from the good you can do with what you have. Relax and enjoy what you can build. It’s amazing what simple steps and habits you can build with limited resources, so when your opportunities improve, you are already built up on a great foundation.


What are you willing to do? If you don’t want to plunge your own clothes, then why do it? If it’s going to be a hassle, put you in a bad attitude, or be a obligation, then consider that it’s not worth the extra problem. If you hate doing something, you’ll never so what you’re truly capable of. And this is supposed to be about enriching your life, not making it harder.

Being frugal and saving green is a very important thing for the environment and yourself. Just enjoy building better habits and doing the best to your abilities and in a way that caters  to your interests and is always best for you. If you get a plan that suits you and is within your means, you’re not only more likely to stick with it, but you’re more likely to enjoy it as well.

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